Sales and Marketing Expert for Data Analysis Tool (Contract)

Sales and Marketing Expert
Data Analysis Tool

We are seeking a sales and marketing expert with experience in sales and marketing of desktop software (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, or other flavors of Unix) to develop a specific, actionable sales and marketing plan including a list of prospects and/or marketing channels and a projected budget for our product release scheduled for Q2 2018.

The ideal candidate will have both technical and sales and marketing experience with data analysis tools such as SAS, MATLAB, SPSS, Mathematica, etc.

Our Business

We are developing tools and algorithms to automate complex data analysis, reducing costs and increasing results.

Complex data analysis is a multi-billion dollar business. Major data analysis tool makers alone report revenues totaling over $4 billion per year: SAS Institute ($3.2 Billion), IBM SPSS ($0.3-1.0 Billion), MathWorks ($850 Million), Wolfram Research (at least $40 million), and a number of less well known smaller firms. Medical businesses, financial firms, and science and engineering organizations spend billions of dollars per year on these tools and the salaries of the analysts, scientists, and engineers performing the analyses.

Complex data analysis increasingly determines the approval of new drugs and medical treatments, medical treatment decisions for individual patients, investment decisions for banks, pensions, and individuals, important public policy decisions, and the design and development of products from airplanes and cars to smart watches and children’s toys.

State-of-the-art complex data analysis is labor intensive, time consuming, and error prone — requiring highly skilled analysts, often Ph.D.’s or other highly educated professionals, using tools with large libraries of built-in statistical and data analytical methods and tests: SAS, SPSS, MATLAB, Mathematica, Scientific Python, the R statistical programming language, Excel and similar tools.  Salaries and overhead for these analysts range from $40/hour to $200/hour (using a 25 % overhead rate), sometimes even more.

Total Cost of Analyses ($50/hour)
Analysis Duration (Hours) Total Cost

2 weeks ( 80) $4,000
2 months (320) $16,000
6 months (960) $48,000

Results often take months or even years to produce, are often difficult to reproduce, difficult to present convincingly to non-specialists, difficult to audit for regulatory compliance and investor due diligence, and sometimes simply wrong, especially where the data involves human subjects or human society. Many important problems in business and society remain unsolved despite modern computer-intensive data analysis methods.

A widely cited report from the McKinsey management consulting firm suggests that the United States may face a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 such human analysts by 2018:

Please see our web site for more details.


o At least three years of recent paid professional experience in the sales and marketing of a desktop software product (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or other flavors of Unix).

Strongly Preferred

o At least three years of hands-on experience in data analysis. Graduate research experience leading to a Ph.D. is acceptable. Need not be current experience. We are looking for a sales and marketing expert who started out doing data analysis before transitioning to sales and marketing.

o Familiarity with markets for data analysis tools for high end mathematical modeling such as physics, quantitative finance, econometrics, and new growth areas such as quantitative biology.


o Located in San Francisco Bay Area and can visit our office in Sunnyvale, CA if needed.

This is a part-time, contract position (not W-2).

Please send resume or curriculum vitae with cover letter.

No recruiters or head-hunters.

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