The All Seeing Eye Vanishes

The traffic (?) surveillance device, apparently a “SCOUT” from miovision technologies, monitoring the intersection of El Camino Real and San Antonio at the border between Palo Alto, Mountain View, and Los Altos in California, USA has vanished as of about 7:30 AM Pacific Standard Time, Saturday, November 4, 2017.

Light Pole No Longer Has "Traffic Camera" Attached
Light Pole No Longer Has “Traffic Camera” Attached

Here is an earlier picture of the device:

Light Pole with Device Attached
Light Pole with Device Attached

Here is my detailed video on the device:

I noticed the device on Thursday, November 2, 2017.  It is not that obvious so it could have been there for several days, although I am pretty observant and go by the light pole daily.  I suspect it was installed on Wednesday or Thursday.  If so, it was only able to collect data for a few days.  It does not seem like long enough to collect reliable data.  For example, one would like to observe the intersection for at least a week to see the variations between weekdays and weekends as well as from day to day during the week.

I wonder if it was taken down due to my posts.

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